Amazon EC2 running IBM now offers Amazon EC2 instances combined with popular IBM applications that you can pay for by the hour with no need for licenses or long term upfront commitments. You can now flexibly scale your IBM applications up and down and only pay for what you use. If you already have an existing IBM license, you may also have the ability to run that license in Amazon EC2 as well; you simply pay our normal Amazon EC2 hourly prices for On-Demand or Reserved Instances.

The hourly prices for Amazon EC2 running IBM are as follows:

Amazon EC2 running IBM requires no commitments or long-term contracts, and allows you to get up and running quickly with IBM's proven technologies, paying only for the hours you use. To get started, you can find Amazon EC2 running IBM AMIs in the AWS Management Console or ElasticFox by searching for them with the keyword "ec2-paid-ibm-amis".

For more details on pricing or using Amazon EC2 with IBM-based technologies please go to


The Amazon Web Services Team